Keeping your Trainer in Check

These days, anyone can be a personal trainer. That’s not to say that it’s a bad thing but there is a serious lack of quality that is evidently growing in the way personal trainers work. In my experience as a coach, I’ve come to realize how big of an impact my job can do to my clients’ lives. I truly believe that we have the capacity to change their lives by improving their bodies and it’s disappointing to see other trainers not providing the best service and teaching the wrong things to their clients. Our clients deserve the best service EVERY session so it’s just right to share ways on how you, as a client, can keep your trainer in check.

  1. Demand their Attention.

Remember that you pay a coach for their time and service to teach you what to do. That also means deserving of their full attention during the entire PT session. If you find your coach constantly on their mobile phones, talking to other clients or trainers, or just leaving you with a program, call them out and demand their attention! You are paying for their presence as well and not just a program on what to do.

  1. Ask Questions about the Program.

Getting a trainer doesn’t just mean getting a workout from them. It also means educating yourself with the basic knowledge of fitness. Ask questions about the program. Ask how it will help you reach your fitness goals. This way, you will know whether or not the trainer knows what he is talking about. Remember, it has to be logical for you as well.

  1. Ask for your program to be written down.

Mike Boyle, a fitness expert based in America, said that if your workout program looks like shit, then it is shit. A good solid workout program has to have a structure and can be thoroughly explained by your trainer. Having it written down makes sure that your trainer doesn’t just make things up. Everything should be aligned to your fitness goal and your trainer should be accountable for the program he is giving.

4. Insist on training one-on-one PT.

It’s called personal training for a reason. You paid a higher premium for a coach to train you individually so don’t allow coaches to be trained along with someone else! Insist on being trained one-on-one by your coach and not a group training session.

Fitness is such an impactful industry to be in and if done correctly, it will help not just the fitness trainers but the clients as well. Sadly, there isn’t a regulating board available yet in the country to make sure that the trainers that we have are credible and equipped in their work. What is lacking now in most trainers is the care for their clients and for their goals. It’s sad to know that some trainers get into the industry only for the money and it becomes evident in their work ethics. As I said, it’s not a bad thing that it’s so easy to become a trainer nowadays. I believe it’s only a bad thing if the trainer doesn’t do their part in learning to improve in their craft.


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