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Fitness Mobil

I’ve been working out with coaches at Fitness Mobil for a couple of months now, and I have never ever been disappointed with any of my sessions with them. I like that they take into account my fitness goals, and put together a workout plan that’s challenging, fun and just for me! They really care about your health, and encourage you to make a complete lifestyle change, not just a body makeover. It’s an added bonus that they go to your house and bring all the equipment you need. No more trying to brave the traffic, or fighting with people at the gym for the equipment! I highly recommend Fitness Mobil because they are incredibly knowledgeable, and will push you beyond your perceived capacity.

Fitness Mobil

Loved my trial Fitness Mobil session with at the One Shang Place Gym! No "useless" treadmill or cycling that I can do on my own time. Just no nonsense no machine full body exercises with various simple gym equipment that kick started me off on my strength, endurance, & bulk building health training, including working with my medically supervised sustainable Keto & Intermittent Fasting Way of Wellness � Thanks, Coach Raymond! Thanks, One Shang Place Gym for providing that gadget that measures & prints out my body fat & all other related ekek. & thanks, @Marielle E Foronda, for the heads-up!

Fitness Mobil

Friendly, professional people. From inquiry to my trial session. I will definitely recommend this to my friends. Looking forward to start my fitness journey with them soon.

Fitness Mobil

Very happy with my sessions. My coach is very encouraging and gives me the right push 🙂

Fitness Mobil

Very Professional. Highly recommended

Fitness Mobil

Since the demise of Friendster, I've shunned invites to giving testimonials for people, let alone products/services I believe in. Yet for Coach Andrei and Fitness Mobil, Im happily making an exception. For people looking for a convenient and sustainable program to improve their health, Fitness Mobil is THE way to go. After only over a month and half of training with Andrei, the improvements ive seen in myself are nothing short of holistic i.e. physically and mentally. Im still a far cry from being a fitness guru, but I definitely feel stronger and more conscious of my health choices now. I think the success of this program (apart from the convenience of being able to do it at home) is in its/Andrei's keen attention to detail; from my buckling right knee, my weak lower abdomen etc.), the little tweaks to make a last rep bearable, to even the quality/quantity of my sleep, daily diet, and work schedule for the week- all of these is taken into account. Nothing escapes Andrei's attention (he can tell if youre fake-tired �, FYI) as hes able to personally track my progress from session to session. So to Fitness Mobil and Coach Andrei, more power to you guys! Salamat kaayo, 'Drei. Magkita unya ta pohon. ��

Fitness Mobil

It's my 35th session with Coach Lian yesterday. I'm lucky to have her as my coach for she always push me to do better every session. I can now say that I'm back in my active self again after being at rest for almost 2years. Thank you very much Coach Lian. I really appreciate everything specially the friendship that we now have. �Thank you also Fitness Mobil. �

Fitness Mobil

Thank you Fitness Mobil! I’m not really the exercise type. I only really had to get started at fitness because of severe low back pains caused by wrong posture when sleeping with 2 toddlers, plus breastfeeding. I thought I needed to start strengthening my muscles or else not be able to carry my 2 growing babies. I started working out with Coach Carlos last May. I’ve renewed with Fitness Mobil twice. I’ve had more than 15 sessions with coach. Coach Carlos has been very encouraging at the same time would push me to progress. I never actually expected that I would really take working out seriously. But now I do. Not only do I work out when coach is around, I even find myself working out in between sessions using the assignments given to me. Working out has helped me be more ‘praning’ with what I eat and encouraged me to have a healthier lifestyle. I’m grateful! Thank you coach Carlos.

Fitness Mobil

Have gotten so out of shape over the past few years. A friend of mine, who can now do seated single leg stand ups thanks to her fitness mobil coach, recommended that I try it out. So I booked a free trial, and I'm now on my 7th session with Coach Jett. I feel a big improvement health wise, and I'm pretty happy about my progress. It's just so convenient that they come to your place. You'll save a significant amount of time not having to travel all the way to the gym. You'll have more energy because the traffic won't suck it out of you. And when you're done with your workout, your kitchen's right there! Just make sure it's filled with more healthy stuff than bad. 🙂 10/10 would recommend.

Fitness Mobil

"Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice does." The same principle I use in my profession is being applied in my MWF 6AM 1-hour sessions with Coach Joshua Paunil. I am a 47 year old mother of 2 young adults and 2 teens who have been out of an exercise routine for ages. Coach Josh ensures that I execute each exercise properly, understanding which part of my body it should be targeting. He explains the theory behind it to help me better appreciate the hard work I put in. To date, we are halfway through our third cycle. Our repetition and intensity have gradually increased to a level that I believe any middle aged inactive woman would be proud of. I walk with more confidence, my clothes fit better and I wear a brighter smile. Thanks Coach Josh and Fitness Mobil! Janet N. Ng 18jan2017


Leandro Miguel T. Cabrera, CPT
University of the Philippines - Bachelor of Sports Science

National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer
First Aid and BLS Certified
TRX Certified GSTC Instructor
TP SMRT-CORE Grid Trainer

Fat Loss, Strength Training, Pre & Post Natal Training

“One day at a time until you build a habit.”

David Immanuel S. Jingco
University of the Philippines - Bachelor of Sports Science

Fat Loss, Strength Training

“Do today what others won't so tomorrow you can do what others can't”

Jethro Villasis Legaspi
B Physical Education

Fitness Nutrition Certified

Functional Movement trainer, Running coach, group instructor

“Fitness is not a destination, it’s a lifestyle”

Leo Gabriel C. Segundo
Bachelor of Physical Education, UP Diliman, College of Human Kinetics

Core Strengthening, Endurance Training

"Without a goal, you can't score."
-Casey Neistat

Joseph Francis H. Guevara
Bachelor of Sports Science

Muscle Gain/Fat loss

"Training the body strengthens the mind, and empowers the soul. Do train!"

Raymond R. Santos
University of the Philippines - Bachelor of Sports Science

Crossfit, Weightlifting & Powerlfting, Gymmastics, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Rehab Training, Weight/Fat Loss, Body Building

"There is no limit to what a human's body can do. All we need to do is to strive to be better versions of ourselves so we can be prepared to any challenges life will bring."
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  • Certification & Background
    Fitness Mobil coaches are a team of Sports Science graduates from University of the Philippines – Diliman (UP) and University Santo Tomas (UST). Our coaches are also certified personal trainers under fitness institutions (NASM, EXOS, NSCA, ACE, PN) in United States of America (USA). Coaches are also part time fitness instructors in other commercial gyms in metro manila.
  • ID Verification
    All coaches have government identifications and clearances on file.
  • Rating System
    Fitness Mobil provides a platform for our clients to rate our coaches’ performance during the free trial session and also conducts quarterly performance survey that will maintain quality during training sessions.
  • Cashless Transaction
    Cashless transactions provide full traceability on every service and eliminate problems related to available change, invalid currency or identity of both parties.

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